“Zoos in Wales need support to survive Covid-19”

The Welsh Conservatives are calling on the Labour-led Welsh Government to follow the UK Government’s lead in establishing a "Covid-19 Zoos Support Fund" to help zoos and aquariums survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

The UK Government has set up a £14 million fund to provide animal welfare grants of up to £100,000 for zoos or aquariums affected by coronavirus and the Welsh Conservatives have been urging the Welsh Government to follow suit.

Sadly, the Welsh Government have said they will not be setting up a similar fund here in Wales as “zoos were able to apply for funding from the economic resilience scheme.”

A petition launched by the Welsh Conservatives can be signed online at “conservatives.wales”.

Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Andrew RT Davies MS, said: 

“Zoos in Wales are really struggling and desperately need support due to the impact of Covid-19, especially as their research work is essential in preserving endangered species and supporting conservation efforts.

"The UK Government has taken action and made £14 million to support zoos and others in England but the Welsh Government has once again failed and ruled out creating a similar fund here in Wales.

“I am therefore urging the Welsh Government to establish a Covid-19 Welsh Zoos Support Fund.

“The Welsh Mountain Zoo in North Wales is the National Zoo of Wales and we have to make sure that it can get through these troubled times and thrive once the lockdown is lifted.”


The full link to sign the petition is https://www.conservatives.wales/campaigns/petition-call-welsh-government-create-covid-19-welsh-zoos-support-fund