Welsh Government Northern Access Road stance "incoherent"

Local concerns regarding the proposed Northern Access Road to the St Athan Enterprise Zone must be addresses – according to South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies.


Both Llantwit Major Town Council and Llanmaes Community Council have expressed strong reservations regarding the road – with many people in the area believing upgrading the existing infrastructure would be sufficient.


The Welsh Government have brought forward £15million to fund the scheme, but it has been suggested that with modest investment the current roads would be able to cope.


After receiving further correspondence from constituents, Mr Davies raised the issue again in the Senedd last week – as he requested a statement from the Leader of the House.


He also tabled a topical question to the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure – but this was turned down by the Presiding Officer.


The South Wales Central AM said this would be of “deep frustration” to local residents – who feel the Welsh Government have failed to take their concerns seriously. 


Mr Davies said, “There have been many concerns expressed locally regarding the proposed Northern Access Road – and I have met with Llantwit Major Town Council and Llanmaes Community Council to discuss it.


“While the Welsh Government are keen to spend £15million on the road – they have so far failed to make the case for it – with many residents feeling the current infrastructure, with investment, would be able to cope.


“The Welsh Government’s current stance is incoherent at best, and if there is a case for the road, they should make it. If not, we should all get on with making the Enterprise Zone a success and putting the £15million earmarked to other projects in the Vale.”




[Picture: Andrew RT Davies at the site of the St Athan Aerospace Business Park – which the new road will serve]