Welsh Conservative Leader enjoys Army training day

Leader of the Welsh Conservatives Andrew RT Davies last week visited Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL at Sennybridge Training Camp to take part in an army training day.


Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL is a high regarded international military patrolling exercise – set in the heart of Wales’ rugged countryside and focussed on arduous training.


It tests low level leadership, team working and core military skills within a physically and mentally demanding scenario – and is open to Regular and Reserve teams from the Naval Service, the British Army and the Royal Air Force.


The visitors’ day was led by Colonel Lance Patterson – Deputy Commander of 160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales – and enabled Mr Davies to learn more about the exercise, handle military equipment and observe teams taking place in one of the events on the patrol.


Following the event, he emphasised the importance of the role the Armed Forces play in keeping our country safe – and paid tribute to Colonel Patterson for arranging it.


Mr Davies said, “It was a pleasure to attend the training day at Sennybridge Training Camp and learn more about the vital work our Armed Forces do.


“Exercise CAMBRIAN PATROL is clearly very demanding and intense, and is a perfect example of the rigorous training and activities the Forces go through to make sure they are in the best condition to keep us all safe.


“It is easy to sit from afar and pay tribute to our brave servicemen and women – so coming out to Sennybridge and getting a real taste for some of the things they do was incredibly beneficial.


“I certainly know a lot more now than I did this time last week, and I would like to thank Deputy Commander Colonel Lance Patterson and everyone else at 160th Infantry Brigade and Headquarters Wales for their work in making the event possible.”


[Picture: Deputy Commander Colonel Lance Patterson explains the exercise to Andrew RT Davies AM and other participants]