"Wales must show a lead on badger baiting"

South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies has called for action to be taken on badger baiting in Wales – after a BBC investigation uncovered an underground network engaging in the activity.


Speaking in the Senedd – Mr Davies said the practice “should not be tolerated in any civilised country” – and called on the Welsh Government to bring together the agencies responsible to work to stamp it out.


In response – Leader of the House Julie James confirmed the Welsh Government would “respond appropriately” to the reported incidents of animal cruelty. 


Mr Davies said, “The story uncovered by the BBC is a horrendous example of animal abuse in Wales – and whether the responsibility lies in Westminster or Cardiff Bay – we must work together to make sure it is stamped out.


“As a country – Wales must show a lead on this – and all agencies responsible must be brought together to take strong and robust action.


“This story is sickening and those responsible must face the full force of the law. The maximum penalty is soon to increase from 6 months to 5 years in prison – and anyone caught should suffer these consequences to send a message that such cruelty will never be tolerated.”