Statement: EU Referendum

"I must first pay tribute to the Prime Minister, David Cameron. Whilst I am personally disappointed that he has taken the decision to stand down, he can be proud of his many achievements as Prime Minister; not least in having delivered this opportunity for the public to have its say on such a huge constitutional issue. "The democratic will of the United Kingdom has been served today, and it is clear that the political landscape here in Wales and the UK has been changed permanently, and beyond recognition. Clearly the leaders of political parties here in Wales will need to reflect to what extent they can be said to be representing Welsh public opinion on this matter. "We must also recognise, however, that there is a significant proportion of the population that didn't vote to leave the EU and who will not be sharing our optimism today, and we must move forward together as a United Kingdom. "Politicians of all colours must work tirelessly to reflect all views, and to achieve a strong and lasting settlement that benefits all parts of the United Kingdom, and indeed our friends and allies in Europe. "I will always act in what I perceive to be the best interest of Welsh communities, and it is my sincere belief that today's vote is a great opportunity for Wales to benefit economically, socially and culturally. "I am proud to say that Vote Leave was a cross-party platform, and I pay tribute to the family of activists who worked so tirelessly and without whom this result would not have been possible. "On a personal note, I would also like to put on record my sincere thanks to my team who have remained loyal and steadfast in their belief and commitment that the cause we were fighting was the right one.”