Service closure could hurt rural communications

Rural Vale residents’ concerns about the closure of a key communications platform have been taken up with company bosses.


Mobile operator O2 have run the “TuGo” app for several years – which has allowed customers without a mobile signal to make calls and texts via their Wifi network.


But the company have now announced plans to close the service on 30th November – and customers fear its replacement will be more limited in its use.


Concerns have been raised that it will be only accessible on smartphones “locked” to the O2 network – so those purchased through third party suppliers such as the Carphone Warehouse will be unable to use it.


South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies has been contacted by several constituents about the problem – and he has written to O2 demanding action ahead of the switchover.


Mr Davies said, “While great strides have been made forward in improving communications in the rural Vale – there is still plenty more to do – both in terms of mobile signal and superfast broadband.


“Several constituents have contacted me ahead of the proposed closure of the TuGo service – which has been reliable for those without phone signal at home or work.


“I have therefore written to O2 to request a meeting ahead of the closure – and also action to ensure that no one loses out as a result of the decision.”




PHOTO: South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies is calling for action to improve communications in the rural Vale