Residents say "enough is enough" as they share traffic concerns

Residents from across Cardiff have taken to social media to express their concern and frustration at the impacts traffic problems are having on local communities.


The Plasdwr development – currently under construction in the west of the city – has caused several issues on local roads.


South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies – who has criticised the “insufficient attention” Cardiff Council have paid to putting proper infrastructure in place – shared his concerns on his Facebook page.


His comments provoked responses from people in a variety of areas – including Fairwater, Pentrebane, Danescourt, Llandaff, Radyr and Groesfaen.


Fairwater resident Sian Best called the situation was unacceptable – with many cars cutting through her street during the morning rush hour.


She said she was “dreading” how bad the problem would become when all the development was complete.


Elizabeth Legg – also of Fairwater – said Ely Bridge will be “gridlocked” by the time the works were complete.


Meanwhile – Vincent Williams – of Pentrebane – claimed Cardiff would “come to a standstill”.


Michael Criddle – who lives in Danescourt – predicted “chaos” and said the plans had caused him to consider moving house.


He predicted traffic lights would be required for cars to get off the estate in future.


Many Llandaff residents also talked of their experiences – including Patricia Thomas.


She said it was impossible to get out of her street – Rookwood Close – as it is – and “can’t imagine” what it will be like in future.


Heather Douglas described the “gridlock” on Llantrisant Road – and expressed concerns about the future development of the BBC studios.


Margaret Bending – of Radyr – pointed to the impacts on the environment.


She described the village as the “through route to the motorway” and is frustrated by the “never ending stream of traffic” during rush hours. 


Further out of the city – residents’ concerns were just as deep.


Natalie Arnold – of Groesfaen – said the village would become a thoroughfare – while Norma Moses claimed the current roads “cannot cope” with the increased traffic.


Mr Davies said the residents’ comments showed that “enough is enough”.


They would not accept inaction from the Council any longer – he said. 


Mr Davies said, “I have already expressed deep concerns relating to the Plasdwr development – and it is quite clear these are shared by residents.


“For people from such a diverse range of areas to express the same fears says it all – and proper plans for road and transport infrastructure must be put in place.


“Since the development was proposed – there has been inaction from the Council on this – and they must step in now to sort it out before it gets any worse.”