Nuclear mud dumping pleas ignored by Welsh Government

AMs’ pleas for further testing of nuclear mud being dumped off the coastline near Cardiff and Penarth have been blocked by the Welsh Labour Government. 


A cross-party motion put together by Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Environment Andrew RT Davies called on Natural Resources Wales to suspend the licence permitting the scheme – to allow for more tests to be carried out.


Despite some Labour AMs speaking in favour of further testing – the motion was defeated when they all voted with the Government.


Saying it amounted to a “betrayal” – Mr Davies claimed the Welsh Government’s actions were a kick in the teeth for local people – and described NRW’s handling of the situation as “appalling”.


Mr Davies said, “Yesterday’s debate on nuclear mud dumping shows how shockingly out of touch the Welsh Labour Government is with the concerns of the general public.


“Welsh Labour Government ministers have the power to intervene and stop the mud dumping - but instead have scandalously turned their backs on my constituents.  


“Labour AMs got up and spoke out – but when it came to the crunch they took the whip and let local people down.


“From the very beginning, Natural Resources Wales has been at the heart of this fiasco, demonstrating that it is no longer fit for purpose with yet more staggering mismanagement and incompetence.


“This is a sad day for Welsh democracy and the views of people along the South Wales coastline, and I’m sure this will live long in the memory of the electorate.”