"Devastating impact" of waiting times cannot go on

A report highlighting the “devastating impact” of delayed health treatment in Wales shows action must be taken – South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies has said.


The report – ‘Our Lives on Hold’ – published by the 7 Community Health Councils in Wales – reveals several effects that unacceptable waiting times are having on patients of all ages.


Several problems reported included long term pain, over reliance on pain killers, decreased mobility, financial difficulties and severe impacts on people’s mental health.


Some patients reported feelings of “powerlessness and distress” – after experiencing waits in excess of 100 weeks. 


Responding to the report – South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies said NHS waiting times were “probably the most common issue” constituents from the Cardiff, the Vale and RCT raised with him.


He said the description of “devastating impacts” was no exaggeration – and called on the Welsh Government to take action.


Mr Davies said, “Unacceptably long waiting times are without doubt one of the post common issues that come up in my in-tray – but there are often many unseen effects.


“This report highlights many of them in great detail – including the impacts it can have on people’s ability to work, earn a living and remain mobile.


“The impacts it can have on patients’ mental health should also not be understated – and these are all factors not at the forefront of thinking when it comes to waiting times.


“It is vital action is taken – because the current situation is frankly outrageous.


“The Welsh Government must get their heads out of the sand – because constituents across South Wales should not have to put up with the current situation any longer.”