Davies slams “Labour-Vale Independent cabal’s” inflation busting tax rise

South Wales Central AM Andrew RT Davies has slammed the Labour-Vale Independent run Vale of Glamorgan Council for imposing an “inflation busting” 4.9% council tax rise on hard pressed residents. 


The rise, which was opposed by Conservative councillors, comes despite the Council receiving an increase to its budget of more than 6%, and holding huge amounts of money in reserves.


The Vale Independent councillors were all elected as Conservatives, standing on a manifesto pledging to keep council tax low.


They have since betrayed the voters who elected them, jumping into coalition with Labour and imposing the rise on residents.


Mr Davies said, “I am deeply angered that the Labour-Vale Independent run Vale of Glamorgan Council have hiked up residents’ council tax by almost 5%, over 3% above the rate of inflation.


“The Labour Party were chucked out by the people of the Vale in 2017, after presiding over a series of inflation busting increases. They were replaced by a Conservative administration that was elected on a manifesto to keep council tax low.


“Unbelievably, Labour are back in charge after a number of former Conservative councillors decided to prop them up, betraying the people who elected them in the process.


“The Council received an increase to its budget for next year of over 6%, as well as holding tens of millions of pounds in reserves. Claims that this rise was necessary do not stand up.


“Hard pressed residents will now pay the price, as a result of Labour and the Vale Independents’ inability to deliver value for money.