Andrew RT Davies Aberfan Tribute

On Wednesday 19th October, Assembly Members reflected on the Aberfan disaster, the 50th anniversary of which takes place on Friday 21st October.


Andrew RT Davies AM, Leader of the Welsh Conservatives, paid tribute to those affected by the disaster, as all AMs came together to remember the tragedy:



“The harrowing images of the Aberfan disaster shed some light on the unimaginable scenes that the community of Aberfan, Wales and the world had to endure 50 years ago.


“This tragedy which devastatingly consumed 20 houses and the village school took the lives of 28 adults and 116 children.


“The children had just returned to their classes after singing All Things Bright and Beautiful at their assembly.


“Today we remember those adults and children who lost their lives so tragically, but we must also reflect on the bravery of the survivors and of the bereaved. 


“Having read the stories of survivors who have now felt able to break the haunting silence and share their experiences of that day, I am awed by the formidable courage and community spirit with which the people of Aberfan have faced the future in the aftermath of such heartbreak and devastation.


“The personal accounts given by those who were there on that day, like that of Karen Thomas, who along with four other children was saved by their school dinner lady, Nansi Williams, who so selflessly sacrificed her own life to save the young children in her care reveals the extraordinary fortitude which is grounded in the Aberfan community.


“From those haunting black and white images, we are able to see the immense blackness that engulfed Aberfan on that day.


“But despite the horrors endured, the community did not succumb to the darkness, instead choosing to tirelessly dig for light.


“It is with feelings of the utmost reverence and compassion that we remember.”