Protecting the NHS and the health budget

Protecting and improving our National Health Service

Our commitment to you:

Our National Health Service is there for us throughout our lives: from the day we are born, to our final days, but it is being badly let down by the Welsh Labour Government who have inflicted devastating budget cuts throughout this Assembly term. We would bring forward proposals to improve the health service in Wales - we would:

  • protect the Welsh NHS budget, supported by a strong economy, so the NHS stays free for you to use
  • carry out a full, independent inquiry into the NHS in Wales
  • protect rural health services in Wales
  • introduce a Cancer Treatments Fund for Wales
  • make accessing the NHS more convenient for you, no matter where you live


The Health Service is our most important public service. Without it, we are nothing. Unfortunately, Welsh Labour have treated it with contempt and next May will be a referendum on their handling of our most treasured service.